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Traveling aboard the Austrian Railjet train is a testament to comfort and convenience, allowing you to maximize the enjoyment of your journey.

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The Austrian Railway, known as Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB), is a highly efficient and well-connected railway network that crisscrosses the stunning landscapes of Austria. With a history dating back to the 19th century, it has evolved into a modern, technologically advanced system renowned for its punctuality and reliability. The Austrian Railway offers travelers a comfortable and eco-friendly mode of transportation, linking major cities like Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck while also providing access to remote Alpine regions.

Passengers can enjoy spacious, modern trains, scenic views, and convenient amenities, making it an excellent choice for both domestic and international travel within Europe.

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Railjet trains are operated by Austrian Federal Railways along with the Czech Railways on a regular basis. Trains run between the main cities of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and many more. A couple of trains run between Vienna and Salzburg ( and vice versa) every hour. There's the Railjet Express train as well (RJX) that goes from Vienna to Salzburg with only one stop in St. Polten, right on time before it continues its journey to Munich or Zurich train stations with regular stopovers. In addition, there is an amazing train route from Vienna to Budapest or Prague to Vienna, for those who love Europe's capital culture and diversity.

Every hour Railjet departs from Vienna to Graz, every 2 hours it runs directly from Prague Central Train station or Vienna International Airport to Graz via Vienna. Two times a day you can catch a train from Vienna to Venice! Railjet basically connects you with the whole world, having its route up to the Vienna Airport.

Austrian Trains Stations

There are lots of train stations that can be seen on Railjet routes. Railjet trains run to various destinations every single day. To name a few, there are Vienna to Prague route with Vienna Main station (Wien Hauptbahnhof), Prague Main station or, as the locals call it , Praha hlavní nádraží. Venice Central Railway station (world famous Venezia Santa Lucia), and many more. All of the mentioned stations located in the very centre of each city, which allows you not to waste your time on getting on and off the plane and drastically saves your time along with the carbon (CO2) footprint.

Austrian Train Coach Classes & Onboard Experiences

There are only 3 classes on Railjet trains, each of them is a class of its own. Most of the travelers prefer Economy Class as it offers the best value for money. First Class is placed one step above the Economy one and offers adjustable seating place, more legroom and increased number of electric outlets per cabin. Business Class is designed around the values appealing for business travelers, such as silent atmosphere, free space, seats of an amazing quality and great conditions for those who want to work during their high-speed travel.

All of the cars are equipped with the best-quality leather seats, free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets. The number and quality of amenities may differ from one class to another, however all of the passengers receive the top-notch service as a part of Railjet philosophy. Can you believe that Railjet features great restaurant and even cinema for kids? Did we mention that you receive cabin service with purchasing 1st and Business class Railjet tickets? When booking Business class ticket, you receive welcome drink of your choice too!

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