Prague Train Station

​Learn more about the main Railway Station in ​Prague
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Prague Main Railway Station
Prague Main train station is the biggest and busiest train station in the Czech Republic. Most of the international and local trains coming to Prague arrive at this station.

First opened in 1871, its modern building was finished in 1909 by the talented Joseph Fanta. Interesting fact, from 1945 to 1948, the station was called Willson Station in honor of USA President Woodrow Wilson, who supported the Czech Republic's independence.

Address: Wilsonova 300/8, 120 00 Vinohrady, Prague

What to find in the station?

Prague has only one central station, Praha Hlavni (main in Czech), often shortened as Praha hl. st. Being right in the city center and only 15 minutes walk from Prague's Old Town and famous Kings Charles Bridge makes it a perfect choice for those who want not to waste time on the airport transfers and passport controls.​

In case you have some free time, make sure to check the historic art Noveau train station building built in 1909, which is left unnoticed most of the time as it is nestled right above the modern station on the top of a small hill.​

Prague Main Train Station has only 8 platforms lined from the west to the east of the train station and closer to the main entrance and city center of Prague. Railjet trains from Prague to Vienna are using these platforms.

How to get there?

Prague Main station is located in the very center of Prague, just a few blocks away from Wenceslas Square and the National Museum, meaning that reaching it is not hard at all walking and using public transportation. ​

​For example, there's a subway station with the same name "Hlavní nádraží" located on line C of the Prague subway system.

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