What Is The Railjet Train?

​Railjet is one of Europe's most modern and luxurious trains. Besides Austria, it has international connections to Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The Railjet trains travel at 230 kilometers per hour, making the trip from Prague to Vienna only 4 hours long. Among the things they offer are ergonomic seats, free WiFi, a great selection of food, and a cinema corner for children to keep them entertained.
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OBB Railjet Train Key Features

Railjet train is the main pride of the Austrian and Czech Railways. Presented during the transition to the 2008-2009 year schedule, it travels at speeds of up to 230 km/h (~ 143 mph). Being a prominent representative of the modern generation of Siemens electric trains, it has a better level of energy reduction cost compared to previous generations.

Railjet had its first test runs in 2008 with the only aim to provide the best level of service and comfort and save time for its users. Nowadays, Railjet trains rank among the fastest trains on the planet, making them the best ones in terms of speed. For example, the 750km-long route from Vienna to Zurich with stops in Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Linz is covered in about 8 hours. Just imagine the speed it travels at!

Compared to other railway carriers, the Railjet Austria branch does not rely on fully electrical units but on push-pull Siemens locomotives. This simply means that any locomotive can be replaced fast and quickly in case of train failure or planned maintenance. Furthermore, if demand for more seats on specific routes is higher than usual, additional carriages can be added to the existing train with no problems.

100% of OBB Austria Railjet Trains are powered by the electricity produced using renewable energy. You can make a change too!

​Train length: 204.78 meters
Top speed: 230 km/h
Number of routes: 25+
Number trains built: 67
Composition of Railjet Train Unit
  • 442 seats on CD Railjet Train / 408 seats on OBB Railjet Train
  • 2 seats for passengers with wheelchair on CD Railjet Train / 3 seats for passengers with wheelchair on OBB Railjet Train
  • 7 spaces for bicycles on CD Railjet Train / 5 spaces for bicycles on OBB Railjet Train
Inside the Railjet Train
As of now, the Railjet trains team is proud to present the best offering from top-notch Austrian caterer DoN aboard all long-distance train routes. Highest level of service and attention, paired with regional freshness, quality, and affordable price. Choose from the great selection of local delicacies with a fantastic DoN menu on the right (available in English too).

In addition to that, family car's passengers will enjoy a special Children's cinema which is particularly popular among the kids.

The open car features unique noise-avoiding glass walls to keep the noise level to the most pleasant level possible.

Free WiFi is available onboard every Railjet train entirely for free.

Railjet's superior level of quality and comfort results from Czech and Austrian strive towards a well-designed service. On your journey with Railjet train, you receive complementary catering from the train's restaurant.

The Railjet train meets all modern safety standards and is made of quality, fireproof, impact-resistant materials and non-breaking glass. In addition, all of the classes have a quiet space area where using mobile phones is prohibited.

All of the necessary travel information, including speed, destination point, and time in travel, is shown on beautiful TV screens. ​

Each of the Railjets has at least two spaces for people with impaired mobility and a specially designed toilet, according to their needs. There is a unique lift as well too. Railjet seat map depends on the coach and class of the train.​

First Class passengers will enjoy at-seat service, simply pressing the service call button.

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Railjet Tips

  • Train boarding
    Check-in is not required, just be on board when the doors close a minute before departure time.
  • Luggage
    There are no weights or measurements on luggage, so you can take it in with you and put it on any suitable rack near your seat.
  • Food & drink
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Power sockets and WiFi
    In all classes of Railjets trains, WiFi and power sockets are available for free

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