Venice Train Station

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Venice Main Railway Station
Venecia Santa Lucia is the largest of two train stations in Venice and is located on the "island" part of the city. The construction became possible only at the end of the 19th century when the dam protecting Venice was built.

The construction works started in 1861, and the station was named in honor of the demolished church of Santa Lucia that was replaced with the station. The modern station was built in 1952 after an almost 20-year long reconstruction. Learn more about Venecia Santa Lucia train station below.

Address: Fondamenta Santa Lucia, 30121, Venice, Veneto

What to find in the station?

If you're looking for the best view of Venice and its lagoon, you should book yourself a train to Venice Santa Lucia train station, as the most breathtaking scenery is guaranteed onboard of arriving train.

You will find lots of exciting sights and hidden Venetian gems right next to the exit from the train station. Despite its long and exciting history, the train station can not be called an old one, it is a great and up-to-date transport hub perfect for every traveler needs.

The station is located only 20 minutes away from the famous Rialto Bridge and less than half an hour from the symbol of Venice - St. Mark's Square, right on the Grand Canal.

The station features 23 platforms, numbered from the right to left if you look at them. Bullet train from Venice to Vienna departs from here.

How to get there?

Since Santa Lucia train station is located on the Grand Canal near Piazzale Roma ( Roma Square), it is quite an excellent meeting point as most local and international bus routes stop there. ​

In case you arrive in Venice in a car, it is a good idea to leave it at the Piazzale Roma parking lot; you just need to cross the Constitution Bridge, and you're good to go. However, the most convenient and fast way (though most expensive) is to call any water taxi available in Venice.​

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