Vienna to Prague Train

This beautiful train road between Vienna and Prague allows you to embark on a fantastic journey. It takes about four hours and takes you through amazing Austria and the Czech Republic.
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Train from Vienna to Prague

254 km
Travel time

Travel time

4 h 25 m

Trains per day

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Vienna to Prague Railway Map

​Taking the fastest high-speed Railjet service from Vienna to Prague takes just 4h 3m, whereas the average train journey takes 4h 40m. A total of 22 trains run from Vienna to Prague every day, with the first train leaving Vienna Hbf at 05:23 and the last train leaving at 22:10.

Vienna Hbf and Prague Hlavni are connected by modern air-conditioned Railjet trains every couple of hours, offering free WiFi & draft beer. The trip is as fast as flying, but much cheaper and more enjoyable - and far better than a long-distance bus.

Train Information for Vienna to Prague

The following information about train stations will help you plan your journey smoothly from Vienna to Prague

Vienna Hauptbahnhof
Alfred-Adler-Straße 107, 1100, Vienna, Austria

Prague Main Station

Wilsonova 8, 110 00, Prague, Czechia
Vienna to Prague Railjet Train Coach Classes
In general, economy (2nd class) is enough for most travelers. First class might not be much more expensive than 2nd class, but you should see what prices you get because 1st class might not be much more expensive. In the 2nd class section, the seats are arranged 2+2 across the car width, mostly unidirectional with a couple of tables for 4 people, perfect for families. Refreshment trolleys can be found in most trains, or you can dine in the restaurant cars.
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In first class, leather seats are arranged as 2+1 across the car's width, rather than 2+2 in economy. Solo seats are available on one side of the aisle, while tables-for-2 are available on the other side. There is no food or drink included, but orders are placed at your seat and food is brought to you, so you do not need to visit the restaurant car.
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Business class is the most luxurious class. The Czech Railjets have just six luxurious leather cradle seats arranged 1+1 across the car width in a small area at one end. Several semi-compartments are available in the Austrian Railjets, which have 16 leather cradle seats. Food is not included, but stewards will take your orders from the restaurant car menu and deliver them to your seats.
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FAQ: What to Know About Vienna - Prague Train

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Tips on the Vienna to Prague Train Route
  • Train boarding
    Check-in is not required, just be on board when the doors close a minute before departure time.
  • Luggage
    There are no weights or measurements on luggage, so you can take it in with you and put it on any suitable rack near your seat.
  • Food & drink
    ÖBB Railjets have a restaurant car and 1st class customers can order food and drink directly from the restaurant car menu and pick them up at their seat. There is, of course, no restriction on you bringing food and drinks along, even a bottle of beer or wine.
  • Power sockets and WiFi
    In all classes of Railjets trains, WiFi and power sockets are available for free

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